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Flow and Leveling Additive Lo-5229

Polyether siloxane copoymer 
Typical data:
  • Appearance:amber-colored clear liquid (become solid below 15ºC) 
  • Active matter content:100% 
  • Viscosity(25ºC):300-600cp
Special properties: 
  • Excellent anti-blocking, release assistance with gloss and softness. 
  • Improves wetting, leveling and spread-out. 
  • Excellent compatibility with PU resin and stay release paper used repetitiously. 
  • Endblocking glycol contains active hydroxyl group, which is reactive with organic polymers like polyurethane. Therefore,
    it is chemically reacted in the network and increases hydrolytic stability of the resin. 
Dosage (additive as suppied): 
  • 0.1-0.5% on total formulation as leveling additive. 
  • 1%~5%  as a resin modifier.
Predilution in a suitable solvent simplifies dosage and incorporation. 
Package and storage stability: 
Available in 25 kg pail and 200 kg drums.  24 months in closed containers