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Lo-3201 Dimethyl silicone oil

Model Number:  Lo-3201
Basic information:
Structure:  (CH3)3SiO[(CH3) 2SiO] nSi(CH3)3
CAS No.:  9006-65-9
Physical data:
Index Item
201-10 201-20 201-50 201-100 201-200 201-350
Viscosity (25℃) mpa.s 10±2 20±4 50±5 100±5 200±10 350±10
Flash point(℃,≥)kg 160 210 270 310 310 310
Density(25℃)g/cm3 0.930-0.940 0.945-0.955 0.955-0.965 0.960-0.970 0.962-0.972 0.965-0.975
Volatile matter ≤(150℃,3h)% 3 2 1.5 1.0 1.0 1.0
  • Cooress,transparent,deodorant,no-toxic,no-erosioniquid
  • Goodchemicalstability,exceentinsuationperformancleandmoistureresistant
  • Viscosityranging from 5cs-5 million cs.
  • Heatandcodresistant,canworkbetween-50°C~+200°Cintheongrun.
  • Lowsurfacetension,highfashpoint,owfreezingpoint.
  • In daily chemical industry, bring skin care cream, bath gel, shampoo and many cosmetics softness and silky hand feeling.
  • Used as the release agent, separant and brightener in the production of some rubber, plastic, latex, polyurethane products and handicrafts.
  • Inmachinery,automobile,instrumentation,electronics,electrical andmanyotherindustries,usedashighgrade lubricant,iquidspring,
  • In machinery, automobile, instrumentation, electronics, electrical and many other industries, used as high grade lubricant, liquid spring, cutting fluid, buffer oil, transformer oil, high and low brake fluid, brake fluid, instrument damping oil, frame shape release agent, etc.
  • Add this product in other auxiliaries in leather and leather chemical industry, it can be used as sofener, moisture repellent, feeling agent, defoamer and brightener, etc.
  • Used as defoamer, lubricant, weather resistant coating in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, coating and building material industries.
  • Used for other specific purposes or copolymerized with other materials to generate new material.
Package and storage stability:
Available in 50 liter pail and 200 liter drums.
  • No contact with strong acids and alkalis; Stored in ventilated and cool place.
  • Avoid bumping, rain and sun in transportation. Non-toxic non-dangerous goods storage and transportation.
Quality guaranteed period 24 months.