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Lo-3107 Hydroxy silicone oil

Model Number: Lo-3107
Basic information:
Structure: HO-Si(CH3)2 (Si(CH3)2O)nSi(CH3)2-OH
Physical data:
  • Appearance: colourless transparent liquid
  • Viscosity at 20℃: 25~100000mpa.s(based on customer request)
  • Hydroxy content(%): 0.5~3 (directly related to viscosity)
  • This product is colorless transparent liquid with excellent electrical insuation, high and low temperature resistance, high
    fash point, low freezing point, long-term adaption to temperature from -50ºC to 250ºC, low viscosity-temperature
    coefficient, high compression rate, low surface tension, good water later repellent and moisture resistance, chemical inertness,
    physica inertness.
  • Apart from genera functions of hydroxyl silicone oil, this product possesses the reactivity of hydroxyl group that can be
    made into some new materia or crosslinked as elastomer(or film body).
This product is applicated in defferent industries, according to defferent hydroxyl content and viscosity:
  • In middle-high viscosity used as the base rubber of release paper agent, the cured film having a good release effect, such
    as Label blacking paper, asphat wrapping paper, tape sealing btottom paper, paper bottom processing of paper decor.
  • In electric power and electrical equipment, used as the main ingredient of insulation paint or a component of insulator.
  • Used as base rubber and diluted materia of condensation-type RTV silicone rubber , such as silicone sealants and mod
    silicone rubber.
  • Substitute of dimethyl silicone oil and easy to emusify.
  • Sma moecue hydroxyl silicone oil (25-30CP, about 8% of the hydroxyl content) is the silicone rubber contro agent of the
    fine structure, instead of diphenyl hydroxyl silane, not only simplify the process of silicone rubber, and improve the
    processing performance (skip heat treatment), but also to increase the transparency of the products, to improve the
    working conditions.
  • Other usages to be exploited.
Generally use with curing agent to achieve cross-linking cured, using for release paper needs coupling agent to fix. The
dosage of curing agent is 3-5% of  rubber base, the dosage of coupling aent is 0.5-1.0% of  rubber base. Mostly diute
rubber base into 10 times, then add curing agent and coupling agent, after mixing evenly, coated on the substrate surface,
at room temperature or heating curing. At room temperature for more than 30 minutes, heated in 120-150℃ need 30
seconds. For sealants and mould rubber based do not need solvent.  Stir after adding curing agent(curing agents used for
one –component and two-component are different), curing after de-foaming 30-120 minutes.
Package and storage stability:
Available in 50 liter or 200 liter plastic buckets.
  • Avoid mix with b acidic , alkaline substances, akoxy silane and water later steam under high temperature, otherwise there is
    change of curing and viscosity. Stored in ventilated and cool pace.
  • Avoid bumping, rain and sun in transportation. Non-toxic non-dangerous goods storage and transportation.
Quality guaranteed period 24 months.